OpenSourceUoM’s week-long coding seminar kicked off today with a fantastic start. Sponsored by the Qt Group and led by Tomaz Canabrava from Codethink, the event attracted a diverse group of students eager to expand their knowledge in open-source software development.

Students from various backgrounds and skill levels gathered at the University of Macedonia to immerse themselves in a day of learning and exploration. Throughout the day, attendees participated in engaging workshops and hands-on coding sessions, where they delved into intermediate concepts in C++ and learned how to leverage the Qt Library for their projects. Today we reviewed the basics of Qt Applications:

  • Bootstrapping a project using CMake
  • Basic Qt Gui Classes:QWidget,QLayout
  • Signals-Slots

During the breaks, participants had the opportunity to network and connect with fellow attendees, sharing insights, ideas, and experiences related to coding and open-source initiatives.

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say when asked what do they plan to use Qt for:

  • “I want to learn Qt so I can contribute to OSS,and more specifically for KDE Applications ” – George, Student from University of Macedonia, Applied Informatics and Information Systems
  • “I am learning C++ to understand systems engineering and Qt so I can be actually productive in C++ before I learn Rust. Also KDE is written with Qt, so that’s a plus ” – Apostolis, Software Engineering Enthusiast and Linux Advocate.
  • “I am learning C++ and Qt so I can work on it professionally. More specifically I plan to write advanced solvers for problems like BIM(Building Information Modelling) and software for Computer-Aided Design” – Christos, Student from University of Macedonia, Applied Informatics and Computer Science

As the day came to a close, participants left with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming days of the seminar. With a strong foundation laid on the first day, everyone is looking forward to diving deeper into coding and exploring more about open-source development in the days ahead.

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